How to sell your books

How do I sell my books back through the MC3 online bookstore?

You can sell textbooks online 24/7.

Go to the Online Textbook Source website here: MC3 Bookstore.
1. Select the Sell Textbooks button
2. Enter the ISBNs of the books you wish to sell (up to 8 at a time) and select Get Quote
3. You can select whether you want to receive a check, direct deposit, or in-store credit (If in-store credit is selected, an additional bonus will be added to the buyback amount) 
4. Select the textbooks you wish to sell back and choose Sell This Book
5. Enter your login information or continue as a New Customer if this is your first time selling back
6. Select the method of payment you would like to receive
7. Print your free UPS label and stick it on the box in which you will ship your books
a. Be sure you take the books to a UPS location and NOT the post office
8. Wait for your payment!
a. Checks and direct deposit may take up to 4-6 business days
b. In-store credit should be available within 3-5 business days of delivery to our warehouse.